"Rotopress", the famous brand and creator of continuous pressing and printing of leather, has been present on the global market, with its first famous models, since the 60s and over the years it has always developed new solutions that are suitable for obtaining perfect pressing, both for pressing that guarantees the bright and soft characteristics of leather and high and low pressure printing, all being run by technologically advanced electronics, which is very reliable and easy to use. Robustness, reliability and continuous and constant development of the presses are among the main qualities of well over 5000 examples that are in use worldwide. The presses can be equipped with card and foil application automatic systems with relative cooling devices that are always of original production.
The continuous sale of counterfeited articles, including cylinders, has led Rotopress to marking and numbering its own parts. This is to protect its customers against counterfeiting and to ensure the high quality of the material provided. Furthermore, it has a line of products for the regeneration of felt and cylinder cleaning.